Our HMI visualization solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial process environments. And because Pepperl+Fuchs´ VisuNet industrial monitors and workstations are built in house to industrial standards with industrial-rated components, they are easily tailored to meet the exact solution for your application-no matter how harsh, how rugged, or how demanding.

Our core industries include Oil & Gas and the Life Sciences. These segments branch out into a collection of subindustries that include a variety of environmental requirements and area classifications.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas ProcessingPepperl+Fuchs has a range of HMI workstations and panel components to withstand the rugged conditions common to each stage of oil and gas processing. Branch industries include chemical facilities, fertilizers, polymers, petrochemical operations that incorporate petroleum exploration, and performing oil logging, surface logging, and directional mapping. At refineries and downstream, our HMIs are used for process monitoring and control. VisuNet IND operator workstations are the hub of the hydrocarbon storage and custody transfer systems filling rail cars or tankers. Our panel components can also be used in pumping and safety systems.

Pepperl+Fuchs also offers comprehensive HMI solutions for the mining industry. Our products have been used worldwide in oil sand exploration, nickel and gold mining, and other mining applications. Remote monitor (RM), and KVM Extender (KM) technology are used for remote monitoring of drilling and production systems located worldwide.

  • EX1 operator workstations are ATEX and IECEX approved for Zone 1 and 21 and designed for trouble-free operation in harsh environments.
  • The all-weather VisuNet IND Edge indoor/outdoor workstation for Div. 1 and Div. 2 environments has a sloped enclosure design for proper drainage.
  • Our Division 1 solutions are built with a fully integrated Bebco EPS® purge and pressurization system.
  • The VisuNet IND SlimLine for Class I, Div. 2 & Zone 2 hazardous locations has an enclosure designed to mitigate heat without venting or cooling fans and has angled surfaces to prevent standing liquids.

Life Sciences

Life SciencesLife Sciences cover the gamut of regulated industries. These include pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, cosmetics, flavors, fragrances, MES, etc. We have HMI products designed for both process and manufacturing execution systems that utilize the latest virtualization strategies or the traditional KVM extender technologies and have a GMP self-declaration in Zone 2 regulated areas. Our component products may be part of an OEM control cabinet associated with packaging systems in the fill and finish area or robotic control in biotech cell-culture growth cleanrooms.

  • Our GMP products are specifically designed for manufacturing environments where bacteria, water, and other undesirable materials might accumulate. The enclosure construction and surfaces provide wash down solutions with proper drainage to prevent standing water and with the chemical cleaning processes common in regulated industries.
  • Asceptic operator workstations are designed for use in MES, batch/process control, and building management functions in sterile pharmaceutical environments-and they install in 30 minutes.
  • Remote dual-function workstations are available for recipe and historian MES and control and camera applications.
  • PC operator workstations with integrated purge and IS touchscreen are utilized in flavors batch-weighting applications.