Visunet HMI dual function workstation
Visunet HMI for Hazardous Areas
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Visunet all weather industrial workstation
Industrial Monitor with Intrinsically Safe Touchscreen
Washdown Industrial Workstation
PC Operator Workstation
HMI for Oil and Gas applications
Industrial Workstation with operator interface
HMI Unit for Cleanroom application
Operator Workstation for Dust Environments
The Edge HMI Workstation
32 in. Industrial Monitor with Purged Enclosure

The design engineers at our Solutions Engineering Center (SEC) are ready to partner with you to concept, design, manufacture, and test your next HMI solution.

We have a complete range of enclosures, industrial workstations, operator panels, purge units, and industrial components to meet your requirements. We can also incorporate your components and products from virtually any vendor to craft an ideal solution for your application. Take a look at some of our unique HMI problem-solvers.

  • Our design engineers work with you to develop tailored HMI solutions
  • UL certified panel shop delivers certified HMI solutions
  • HMI systems and components for hazardous areas or non-classified areas
  • HMI solutions to fit your corporate computing requirements
  • Highly configurable options and features

Systems & Solutions Project Highlights (PDF, 378 KB)

Ink mixing and verification Printing: Ink mixing and verification
A customer requested a Class I, Division 1 workstation with a wireless hub and sample bay for examining samples in an ink mixing and verification application. The result was a customized Edge workstation with integral wireless hub and ink sample enclosure with iris port to maintain pressurization for the area classification.

Hazardous and Corrosive Batch Management Workstation Chemical: Hazardous and Corrosive Batch Management Workstation
A chemical manufacturer for a wide range of industries requested a workstation that was compatible with their batch recipe management system and could be mounted in a Class I, Division 1 area containing a corrosive atmosphere. Pepperl+Fuchs supplied a workstation with a hardened intrinsically safe glove-friendly touchscreen.

Polymerization Recipe Management System Chemical: Polymerization Recipe Management System
A specialty chemical company required a dual display system where one display provided an output for a camera system that monitored the plasma, and the second display provided the parameters of each batch recipe and access to a batch historian. This thin client workstation was located next to the reactor in a Class I, Division 1 environment and networked back to the batch server in a safe area control room. A dual Edge workstation in 19 in. (48.3 cm) and 22 in. (55.8 cm) widescreen with multiple computing options, keyboards, and intrinsically safe touchscreen was developed for this application.

OEM Skid Application Chemical: OEM Skid Application
An OEM required a Class I, Division 1 workstation with pushbuttons and alarm lighting for their on-skid application. Pepperl+Fuchs designed a purged workstation with integral e-stop and pushbutton controls.

OEM Compressor Monitoring Station Oil and Gas: OEM Compressor Monitoring Station
A customer required a compressor monitoring station for the Western Canada oil sands. Pepperl+Fuchs developed a purged PC-based HMI enclosure with enough space for the OEM to mount their PLC equipment inside and certify it for use in a Class I, Division 1 area.

MES Monitoring System Oil and Gas: MES Monitoring System
An OEM required an MES monitoring system to track production in real time - and have it mounted in a Class I, Division 1 environment. Pepperl+Fuchs manufactured a 32 in. widescreen display mounted in a purged stainless steel enclosure.

Pigments and Powders Mixing Paint Application: Pigments and Powders Mixing
A specialty coatings customer required workstations for Class II, Division 2 areas where dusts were present. Pepperl+Fuchs designed a pedestal based workstation for use in this mixing environment.

Paint Mixing and Blending Paint Application: Paint Mixing and Blending
A customer wanted to use the FactoryTalkView ME program with a Rockwell Automation Panelview in a Class I, Division 1 area. Pepperl+Fuchs designed an enclosure around the Panelview product and added an intrinsically safe keyboard for user input.

Flavors and Fragrances Dosing Operation Life Sciences: Flavors & Fragrances Dosing Operation
Pepperl+Fuchs teamed with a specialty batch software company to automate a flavor company's mixing and dosing operation in a Class I, Division 1 environment. Pepperl+Fuchs' Division 1 wired barcode scanners were integrated for regulatory recipe ingredient traceability.

Biotech Life Sciences: Biotech
Aseptic operator workstations feature a flush 316L stainless steel faceplate, ergonomically angled aseptic keyboard with pointing options and a true industrial-grade monitor with FDA-grade silicone gasket. The result is a robust and easy-to-use workstation solution that helps keep MES, batch / process control and HR projects on schedule, and simplifies maintenance functions in sterile pharmaceutical environments. These units are suitable for use in general-purpose and Class I, Division 2 classified areas, satisfy Class 100 (ISO 5) requirements and are Grade A/B compatible.

Washdown Applications Fire Suppression System: Washdown Applications
A fire suppression monitoring system was designed around our 15 in. (38.1 cm) panel monitor and mounted in a watershed stainless steel enclosure.